Svenska Engelska
Central River Division Central River Division
Central Securities Depository Central Securities Depository
Central venkateter Central venous catheter
Centrala Banat Central Banat District
Centrala distriktet Center District
Centrala dogmen Central dogma of molecular biology
Centrala Grekland Central Greece
Centrala Luzon Central Luzon
Centrala Makedonien Central Macedonia
centrala nervsystemet central nervous system
Centrala och västra Hongkong Central and Western District
Centrala Visayas Central Visayas
Centralafrika Central Africa
Centralafrikanska federationen Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
Centralafrikanska republiken Central African Republic
Centralafrikanska republikens flagga Flag of the Central African Republic
Centralafrikanska republikens fotbollslandslag Central African Republic national football team
Centralafrikanska republikens historia History of the Central African Republic
Centralafrikanska republikens statsvapen Coat of arms of the Central African Republic
Centralamerika Central America
Centralamerikanska federationen Federal Republic of Central America
Centralasien Central Asia
Centralbank Central bank
Centralböhmen Central Bohemian Region
centralenhet central processing unit
Centraleuropa Europe
centralfigur pivot
centralisera centralize
centralisering centralisation
centralism centralism
Centralkommitté Central Committee
Centralmakterna Central Powers
Centralmassivet Massif Central
Centralort List of current and former capitals of subnational entities of China
Centralortsteorin Central place theory
centralprocessor central processing unit
Centralprovinsen Central Province
Centralregionen Central Region
Centralschweiz Central Switzerland
centralt centrally
centralt nervsystem central nervous system
centralt parkområde central park area
centralvärme central heating
Centre Centre
Centre national de la recherche scientifique Centre national de la recherche scientifique
Centre Pompidou Centre Georges Pompidou
Centre Spatial Guyanais Guiana Space Centre
centrera centre
centrerad centered
centrerar centers
Centrica Centrica
centrifug spin-dryer
centrifugal centrifugal
centrifugal inflorenscens cyme
centrifugalkraft centrifugal force
centrifugalregulator governor
centrifuger centrifuges
centrifugera spin
centrifugering centrifugation
Centriol Centriole
centripetal centripetal
centripetalkraft centripetal force
Centrist Democrat International Centrist Democrat International
Centro Cultural Reina Sofia Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
centromer centromere
Centropyge Centropyge
Centrosauriner Centrosaurinae
Centrosaurus Centrosaurus
centrum focus
Centrum -et Centre
centrum för fjärranalys remote sensing centre
centrum för kärnforskning nuclear research centre
centrumvisare sweep-hand