Svenska Engelska
croupier croupier
Crown Dependency Crown dependency
Croy Croy
Croydon London Borough of Croydon
Croydon Airport Croydon Airport
Crozes-Hermitage Crozez-Hermitage AOC
Crozetöarna Crozet Islands
Crucesfloden Cruces River
Cruelty and the Beast Cruelty and the Beast
Crusader Crusader tank
Crust Crust punk
Cruz Hernández Cruz Hernández
Cruzeiro EC Cruzeiro Esporte Clube
Crwth Crwth
Crying Freeman Crying Freeman
Cryobot Cryobot
Cryolophosaurus Cryolophosaurus
Cryptoporticus Cryptoporticus
Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
Crytek Crytek
crème brûlée crème brûlée
Crème de cassis Crème de cassis
Crème fraîche Fresh cream
Crédit Agricole Crédit Agricole
Crésuz Crésuz
Créteil Créteil
crêpe crepe
CS Louhans-Cuiseaux CS Louhans-Cuiseaux
CS Sedan CS Sedan Ardennes
CSA Czech Airlines Czech Airlines
Cseszneky Cseszneky
CSI Committee for Skeptical Inquiry
Csongrád Csongrád
Csorvás Csorvás
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
CSU Christian Social Union of Bavaria
Csv Comma-separated values
Cthulhu Cthulhu
Cthulhu-mytologin Cthulhu Mythos
CTO Chief technical officer
Cuajimalpa de Morelos Cuajimalpa
Cuarnens Cuarnens
Cuarny Cuarny
Cuauhtémoc Cuauhtémoc
Cuba Libre Cuba Libre
Cubana Cubana de Aviación
cubaner cubans
Cube Cube
Cube Zero Cube Zero
Cubewano Classical Kuiper belt object
Cubic feet per minute Cubic feet per minute
Cubiculum Chamber
Cuc Phuong nationalpark Cuc Phuong National Park
Cuchulainn Cúchulainn
Cucurbitales Cucurbitales
Cuddalore Cuddalore
Cuddapah Kadapa
Cudrefin Cudrefin
Cuernavaca Cuernavaca
Cueva de las Manos Cueva de las Manos
Cugnasco Cugnasco
Cuiabá Cuiabá
Cuitláhuac Cuitláhuac
Cuiviénen Cuiviénen
Cujo Cujo
Culhwch Culhwch
Culiacán Culiacán
Cullinandiamanten Cullinan Diamond
Culture Club Culture Club
Culture jamming Culture jamming
Cum Laude Latin Honors
Cumbel Cumbel
Cumberland Cumberland
Cumberland County Cumberland County
Cumbia Cumbia
Cumbre Vieja Cumbre Vieja
Cumbria Cumbria
Cumulus Cumulus cloud
cumulusmoln cumulus
Cunard Line Cunard Line
Cundinamarca Cundinamarca Department
Cunene Cunene
Cuneo Province of Cuneo
Cunningham Cunningham
Cunter Cunter
Cupid Cupid
CUPS Common Unix Printing System
curare curare
Curaçao Curaçao
Curaçao likör Curaçao
Curd Jürgens Curd Jürgens
Curdy and the Chamber of the Lords Curdy
Cureglia Cureglia
Curie Curie
Curitiba Curitiba
curium curium
curl curl
curling curling
Curlingföräldrar Helicopter parent
Curly coated retriever Curly Coated Retriever
curriculum vitae resume
curry curry
Curry County Curry County
currykryddad soppa mulligatawny
currypulver curry powder