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certainly (o) [conviction] med visshet (o) [conviction]
certainly visst
certainly visserligen
certainly (o) [conviction] ja då (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] ja visst (o) [conviction]
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certainly säkerhet (u)
certainly (o) [conviction] gärna (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] definitivt (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] självklart (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] verkligen (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] säkert (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] bestämt (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] sannerligen (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] otvivelaktigt (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] säkerligen (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] absolut (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] riktigt (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] faktiskt (o) [conviction]

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EN Synonymer för certainly SV Översättningar
truly [no kidding] (formal 真実に (adv)
of course [expression of pleasure] 勿論
splendid [expression of pleasure] 輝かしい (adj)
thank you [expression of pleasure] 大きに (int n)
excellent [expression of pleasure] 優秀な (adj adv)
by all means [expression of pleasure] きっと (kitto)
without fail [of course] 是非 (adv)
surely [of course] てっきり (adv)
even if [in any case] たとえ... (adv)
whether [in any case] か否か (conj)